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What do you need to know as a Retailer?

My Parcel Box offers significant benefits to retailers by ensuring secure delivery of items to customers, and making it easier for customers to purchase from you online.

The first you hear of My Parcel Box may be when you come across a customer who places an order to a My Parcel Box address like below:

James Smith
Secure Parcel Receptacle A123456 PIN1234
45 Mayberry Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

Here’s what you do when you see this.

Print or transcribe all the address fields exactly as you see them onto the parcel.

Make sure the delivery will fit*

Send it off with Australia Post or any major courier with no signature on delivery required.

*The A in the My Parcel Box number refers to the type of My Parcel Box. A is for the Vault which can fit one box with the following dimensions 45cm x 45cm x 35cm. B refers to the Grocery Box which can fit items up to 110cm x 50cm x 45cm.

What do you need to know as a courier?

My Parcel Box saves you time and money as a courier by ensuring that you can deliver a parcel first time, every time whether someone is present or not. There is no need for redeliveries and every My Parcel Box customer has agreed to the terms of an Authority to Leave so a signature is not needed.

For delivery all the information you need to know is contained on the address label.

Once you arrive at the address, locate the My Parcel Box. Customers are instructed that they must be fixed within close proximity to the front door and in an accessible area.

As you look at the front of the box you will see a vertical lock with numbers. Enter the 4 digit PIN shown in the parcel address. Once you have entered the correct PIN the blue light will flash and you will hear the lock retract. Quickly (you have 4 seconds) turn the handle marked Kitlock at the bottom 90 degrees clockwise and pull the door toward you. Place the parcel inside and record the delivery receipt number from the rear of the door. Close the door, returning the handle back 90 degrees counter clockwise and ensuring the lock is secure.

Now use your scanner to scan the barcode attached to the Parcel Box. This barcode is the authority to leave/delivery point and means there is no need to collect a signature. The item can be marked on your system as delivered.

Leave a card in the letterbox indicating that a delivery has been made if that is your usual practice.

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