The Vault


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Product Description

The Vault is our flagship model which is capable of fitting in the vast majority of deliveries. It measures 55cm wide x 40cm deep x 60cm high and is made out of powder coated galvanised steel with a beautiful antique stone textured finish.

The Vault will hold two standard cases of wine, or about 4 normal shoeboxes! It accepts multiple deliveries as each courier can access it via the PIN code and there is plenty of room to stack up the purchases.

The Vault is designed to be secured to with an a reversible eyelet which is at the rear, which is perfect if you’re renting or reluctant to drill holes in your property. It can also be permanently installed very easily using a drill and basic hand tools.

The Vault door is secured with an innovative Kitlock which is an electronic combination lock designed in England. The lock is water resistant to an IP54 rating and features both master and sub master codes so you can have multiple PINs and change access with ease.

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