Installation Instructions

Once you have received your My Parcel Box, the following is what you need to know to install your My Parcel Box (the Vault model) and start using it!


Your My Parcel Box needs to be located within eyesight of your front door in a place where it can be easily spotted by couriers. If it’s not visible for the couriers to locate, they won’t be able to leave your parcel in your My Parcel Box.

You should also try to choose a place that is dry and shady.

We recommend locating your My Parcel Box on your front porch.

Installation: Easiest solution and suitable for Rental Property

If you’re not able to bolt your Vault directly into the ground, it can be attached to something sturdy via a chain or bike lock through the eyelet at the back of the box. We recommend attaching it to a post or other permanent object, though you could also attach an eyelet to your wall as well and chain your Vault to that. You may prefer this option if you’re renting or until you have time to attach it permanently.

Installation: Permanent

Attaching your My Parcel Box to the ground is a simple process and can be done in less than half an hour with simple tools and a drill (though a masonry drill will be needed for concrete). Alternatively any competent handyman should be able to install it in less than half an hour. If you decide to have it installed professionally, let them know the fixings required so that they can come prepared.

Concrete or brick surface

The Vault can be bolted directly into the ground using four 50mm long blue wall plugs and four 75-80mm long 14-16G screws which are available at any hardware store or can be ordered online from Masters Home Improvement. The floor of the Vault is 40mm from the ground so the length of the screws are important.

Wooden surface

We recommend fixing the Vault to your wooden decking or other wooden surface with 4 75-80mm long 14-16G wood screws.


Place the Vault where you wish it to sit and open the door. Using a screwdriver or other sharp thin object, mark the location of the holes on the ground from the inside. Move the Vault out of the way. Find your marks and ensure that they are the correct distance apart- 350mm apart on the long side of the box and 210mm apart on the short side. Mark them accurately with a permanent marker.

For concrete, drill four 8mm holes with your drill on masonry (hammer setting with eye/hearing protection) and an 8mm masonry bit. Make sure that these holes are at least 60mm deep. Clean the holes out and hammer in the blue plugs. Cut off any excess plug with a sharp knife. Put the vault in place and secure with the four screws, making sure that each screw is located in the centre of each plug.

For wood, drill four 4mm holes for 14g screws or four 4.5mm holes for 16g screws. Make sure that these holes are at least 40mm deep. Put the Vault in place and drive the screws in from inside the Vault.

If you haven’t already done so, change the master code and sub code on your lock, and update these details on the website and keep a copy somewhere safe for your reference.

Your My Parcel Box is now ready to use!

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